Pricing in examples

When you sign up - you will get 5 credits to your account.

State Actions Price
You have one project. Within one month you add localized strings, invited contributors, translated, and finally exported localied strings to your apps. We will deduct one credit in the end of the month.
You still have one project. Next month you are focused on marketing, maybe you updated some texts but you did not extract anything. You pay nothing. It's completely free.
You created one more project. Next month you actively worked on both projects, added localized strings, translated, and exported them. In the end of the month it will cost you two credits: one credit per each active project.
You still have two projects. But you do not use this month. You pay nothing. It's completely free.

So, after 4 months, you still have one credit left on your account, you localized two projects.

Sounds good? :-)