Make your apps and websites multilingual with ease

Keep localized strings in one place


Add any languages and translations, export results in a suitable format


Speak to your potential customers in a language they understand


Get access to localized strings with a flexible API or interactively


Invite your colleagues and translators to work with you

About Us

We are software engineers. We create mobile apps and web-services.

People download apps, browse websites and buy in any language. It is important to reach your clients with minimal efforts.

  • Easy setup and migration
  • Start with zero cost
  • Low maintenance
  • For small projects it always will be free
Get started in a few steps
  • Create your account
  • Add a project
  • Add languages
  • Import your existing localization files
  • Add team members, invite traslators

How does it work?

Don't let localization slow you down.
When you create either a mobile app or a website, add localization keys to our service.

  • Be focused on the development, let translators translate these phrases independently.
  • Work exclusively with a partner you trust, or combine translations from different teams.
  • Request localized strings from the service anytime. Do it interactively or automatically with a shell script or API
  • Use the same localized strings for iOS, Android, or Web. Let us export them in a desired format.



# Price
Unlimited projects Free
Unlimited contributors Free
Unlimited languages Free
Unlimited exports within a month Free
Web and/or API interface Free
We deduct one credit for each active project every month.
The project is considered active if you have exported data this month.
If you only edited localized strings or did not touch the project at all - it's free.
So, if you have ten projects but only one of them is under development - it will cost you only one credit at the end of the month.
Currently 1 credit is equal to 1 €
Start right now and get 5 credits to your account

It allows you to use the service for free at least 5-6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is compatible with any platform. Feel free to contact us if you did not find an answer to your question.


As we mentioned above, we are developers who create iOS and Android apps, web sites and services.

Feel free to contact us if you have ideas how to improve, or if you need any kind of custom development.


Narcisova 38, Bratislava, 82101, Slovakia



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